Standalone Smoke Detector

Standalone Smoke Detector


The alarm is a battery operated smoke alarm, equipped with a photoelectric sensor, designed to alert you and your family to the dangers of smoke and fire。The alarm includes a 9V,protecting you even during power failure。This unit offers a 5-year limited warranty。

Consumer Benefits

  • The pohotoelectric smoke alarm is battery operated protecting you and your family even during power outages
  • This unit does not require any wiring and can be installed in minutes
  • The alarm is equipped with a test button that allows you to test the alarm´s electronic circuitry,horn and battery function

Feature and Benefits

  • Tes Button——Tests units‘s electronic circuitry,horn and battery function
  • Blinking power indicator——Confirms unit is receiving power
  • Battery Operated(9V Battery Included)——Protects even during a power outage
  • Low Battery Indicator——Smoke alarm will chirp in the event of a low battery
  • Missing battery Guard——Cover resists closing unless battery is inside
  • Ideal for Cooking areas——Reduces unwanted alarms
  • Tamper Resist Locking Screw——Helps deters alarm tampering or theft

Technical Specifications

  • Power Source:9V Battery(inculed)
  • Audio Alarm:85dB at 10fit(3meters)
  • Temperature Range:40°F to100°F(4°C to 38°C)
  • Humidity Range:5%-95% relative humidity(RH)
  • Sensor:Photoelectric
  • Size:105mm in diameter *59mm depth
  • Weight:135g
  • Interconnects:No
  • LED:Red,normal operation
  • Warranty:5 years limited

Installation of smoke alarm

smoke alarm size

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